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CDDAP Pricing

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CDDAP Handscoring Starter Kit                                  109.95

Includes Manual, 25 Questionnaires, 25 Profile Sheets, and 25 Hand Scoring Sheets.

CDDAP Refills

25 CDDAP Questionnaires       29.95
25 Profile Sheets                   29.95
25 Hand Scoring Sheet           29.95
Package of 25 each Questionnaires, Profile Sheets and Hand Scoring Sheets   69.95

Starter Kit with Computer Scoring Package             249.95

25 CDDAP Questionnaires   (Included)
Computer Scoring Program  (Included)
Electronic version of the CDDAP Manual (Included)

Submit your qualifications (name, address, phone, degree, license, education) and you will receive a link to download a free trial version of the CDDAP Computer Scoring Program.

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