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A comparison of brains of ADHD vs. non-ADHD individuals indicated smaller ventral striatum in the brains of ADHD children.  This area of the brain is important in the reward system, which assists us in sustaining motivation until a task is completed.  If motivation is not sustained, a child will often respond impulsively, or fail to complete things.


This article names famous historical figures whose behavior patterns resembled those in an individual with ADHD.  They suggest that mild symptoms of ADHD are linked with genious because they enable the individual to "hyperfocus" on areas of interest,  thereby becoming very good at it, whereas more serious symptoms can have disabling effects. 


This study compared the attention problems seen in fetal alcohol syndrome to those in ADHD.  Differences were noted which the researchers proposed accounted for decreased responsiveness to stimulant medication in FAS as compared to ADHD.


This study caused a fruit fly to have either too much or too little distractibility and then researchers admninistered Ritalin.


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