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Clinical Psychologist

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ADD Testing - Adults

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Adult Evaluations

ADD Screening


ADD/Learning Disabilities


Neuropsychological Evaluation


College Students

College Evaluation for Accommodations


Special Testing Accommodations (GRE/MCAT)


Adult Evaluations include a detailed clinical interview in whilch you discuss your current symptoms and history.  You will then be administered a series of tests, typically involving cognitive functioning and attention.  This usually takes an hour or so.  Then you will be asked to complete a personality test independently, and you will be given two other forms to take home.  One of these forms is for a spouse, or someone who is familiar with your behavior currently.  The other form is for a parent or living relative who can describe your behaviors in childhood.

When all testing is completed and scored and the parent and spouse forms are completed and returned, another appointment whill be scheduled in which your doctor will discuss the results of testing with you and make treatment recommendations.  These recommendations will depend upon your particular condition.

The battery of tests used for our Evaluations for College Students is based upon the requirements of college disability offices.  Most schools have procedures to follow in order to receive accommodations in college, and certain procedures to be followed.  We attempt to include tests common to all universities we have worked with in the past, but I encourage you to go online to the disability accommodation section of your college's website and bring this information to the evaluation just to make sure you are getting what you need.  Many students need modifications, tutoring, longer time to take their tests, or a quiet place to work, and most colleges are more than willing to accommodate a student with ADHD or learning disabilities.

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